Q. Why Should I Choose Principal Relocation Company?

A. Some of the most prominent and prestigious companies have chosen Principal Relocation Company for its language course for the following reasons:

  • Our dedication to quality
  • Qualified, experienced mother-tongue teachers
  • Proven and efficient teaching method
  • Constant up-dating of our courses and didactic material
  • Courses for all levels
  • Personalized courses
  • Advanced Multimedia Study Center

Q. Why Should I Learn The Language Of The Host Country?

A. Learning the language of the country where you are relocating to will assist you greatly in how quickly you manage to integrate as well as allowing you to become independent in your daily life a lot quicker. It will also help you to bond with the local people much faster and in addition you will earn respect from your coworkers and neighbors.

Q. In Which Countries Does Principal Relocation Company Provide Language Services?

A. At present Principal Relocation Company provides language services in Italy & Malta.

Q. Which Method Does Principal Relocation Company Use?

A. Principal Relocation Company uses the Communicative Method in its language courses.

Q. Are The Teachers Mother Tongue?

A. Yes. All our teachers are mother tongue, have a university degree and have a vast experience in the field of language teaching.

Q. How Many Students Do You Have In Each Class?

A. Our group courses have a minimum of four and a maximum of ten students. Individual courses based in an individual’s specific needs and requirements are also available.

Q. When Can I Attend Your Courses?

A. Our group courses take place onsite within the company where the individual works and are available between 8.00 to 20.00 Monday through Friday. Individual lessons are available between 8.00 to 20.00 Monday through Friday and 8.00 – 13.00 on Saturdays either at your office or home.

Q. How Long Will It Take Me To Learn A New Language?

A. This depends on various factors which include your mother tongue (e.g. if you speak French you will probably learn Spanish or Italian easier), if you are already multilingual you should learn a further language faster and if you have a focused and dedicated approach to learning the new language can also help you in learning the language faster.

Q. How Many Course Levels Does Principal Relocation Provide?

A. There are six language course levels: Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, and Advanced. We also offer maintenance courses for students who are fluent in another language but who wish to maintain the fluency they have acquired.

Q. How Do You Determine My Level?

A. In order to recommend the most appropriate didactic program, a detailed assessment will be carried out before the student’s course begins by our Director of Studies in order to ascertain the individual’s starting level, objectives and any possible challenges. After this step has been completed, the student can opt to follow an individual or group course on an intensive or standard basis.

Q. Will I Be Given A Diploma When I Complete My Course?

A. When you complete each level, you will be given an Certificate of Attendance which will show the successful completion of the level in question.

Q. If I Purchase a Language Course And Then I Cannot Attend Will I Be Reimbursed?

A. Yes. If for some reason you have to withdraw from a course before you begin you will receive a 100% refund.

Q. If I Can’t Continue My Course, Can A Friend Or Family Member Take My Place?

A. No. Only the person that signed up for the course can attend.

Q. Can I Make Up Lost Lessons?

A. Provided you cancel individual lessons with at least 24 hour notice, you may make up the lesson, otherwise, your account will be charged. Lessons that are missed in a group cannot be made up unless you opt to purchase an individual lesson outside of the group.

Q. Do You Provide Courses For Children And Adults?

A. Yes. Our courses are aimed at children and adults.

Q. Do You Charge Separately For The Didactic Material Used During The Course?

A. Yes. These materials are billed separately and you will be informed of the cost before you enrol.

Q. Will I Lose Lessons That Coincide With National Holidays?

A. No. These lessons are always made up at no extra cost.

Q. How Can I Pay For My Course?

A. You can pay for your course through PayPal or bank transfer.