Malta- Coronavirus Updates- march 16

Malta- Coronavirus Updates- march 16

Dear All,

Principal Relocation Company wants to provide you an update in regard to the situation of the Coronavirus. The latest directive dictated by the Maltese Government to contain the spread of the Covid-19 is still valid and may see the introduction of yet more rigid norms that the Maltese population is called to respect.

Mandatory quarantine extended to all individuals coming to Malta:

The requirement for individuals to observe a 14-day mandatory quarantine is being extended to all individuals who are entering Malta, irrespective of the country of departure.

Quarantine Law Enforcement:

Individuals who do not observe this obligatory quarantine will be liable to a fine amounting to €1,000 for each instance of non-observance. Third country nationals working in Malta breaching the quarantine directive, in addition to the standard €1,000 fine, will have their work permit revoked, leading to deportation.

Public Transport:

Malta authorities have issued the guidelines for the public transport regulation:

No standing passengers allowed on buses.
“No change” policy: passengers are required to provide exact change when buying their tickets (€1,50 per ticket)

Malta government COVID-19 helpline at 111.

Malta Department of Public Health Disease Surveillance Unit at +356-2132-4086 if you believe you have contracted COVID-19.

Principal Relocation Company since the very beginning of the emergency, in order to safeguard the wellbeing of its staff and clients, has implemented the BCP and continued delivering services through virtual & remote assistance.

We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you all informed.

Kind regards,

Gianluca D’Anna

Chef Executive Officer