SPID credentials: our success

SPID credentials: our success

Principal Relocation is very proud to announce we have been fully recognised as an official and authorised Company within the system of the Italian Immigration Ministry.

Our company has obtained unlimited access to all the immigration website portals with the use of its own SPID credentials, guaranteeing the protection of our customers’ privacy and sensitive data, this because all the data provided and assigned to PRC for any of the services requested will be managed exclusively by our Company and staff only.

The Italian Government has recently established a new regulation regarding the access to any of the websites and portals of the Public Administration and Authorities. This recent requirement by part of the Italian legislation has created a massive impact on the immigration procedures.

The Public System of Digital Identity (SPID) is now mandatory in order to register and access every single Government website, including the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which is the Government system through which all applications, such as work permits, ICT, Blue Cards and Family Reunion Nulla Osta(s), are processed.

Thanks to this Digital Identity (SPID), all citizens will now be allowed to register and benefit of the public services offered by the Public and Government Administration. Without a proper SPID, access to the Government and the relevant websites/benefits is denied, this includes sites needed for the request of work permits and any other immigration formalities.

The SPID provides access to a series of very sensitive data as it corresponds to the digital identity of an individual/company and – based on the authorised identity level – it entitles access to any private information of the account holder (financial information, health details, social and security data).

With regards to the Immigration Services, the SPID requirement has generated some impact.

Up until today, all one needed to access the Ministry of Internal Affairs was an e-mail address and a password, though access was limited to the scope of the work permit process. The DSP for immigration services could register as a third party on behalf of the Legal Representative of the Italian employer (host company) to sponsor the work permit (just a reminder: the work permit is a corporate document and it is always requested under the Italian employer’s name). The credentials allow the applicant to submit up to 5 applications. However, it was still possible to de-register and register again using new credentials, even in the same person’s name.

In order to obtain the SPID’s identity and the relevant credentials, all applicants must undergo strict screening (including visual identification), and the account cannot be de-registered and re-registered as before.

The introduction of the SPID system has clearly generated an obstacle, and not just to the standard processes, but also in case of possible accidental loss of personal information, which is very challenging with the GDPR regulation.

Also, the restrictions regarding the number of applications that can be submitted under a single SPID account (5), makes this a major issue when dealing with corporate clients that often need to apply for several work permits, Blue Cards or ICT for their expatriate employees.

Under the new Italian regulation, only a few categories of lobbies or associations (Industrial Associations and patronages membership) are allowed to access the Ministry of Internal Affairs portal and apply for an unlimited number of applications.

With this in mind, these are the potential solutions offered to any Immigration Law Firm and/or Company:

  • Requesting the SPID credentials of a Corporate’s Legal Representative (having therefore access to very private and confidential information though still having to face the limit of 5 applications per person)
  • Delegating to a third party (such as a patronage agency) to apply for permits on behalf of the employer (which can create a greater risk for potential loss of personal and private information) and involving an external party to deliver part of the core business

Principal Relocation Company took into consideration the serious consequences that this new legislation would generate for their customers and has worked thoroughly with its legal team (which is always available to intervene and support in challenging situations like this) to resolve the issues by appealing directly to the Central Ministry of Internal Affairs in Rome & to the Ministry of Immigration and Auxilium Politics.

Principal Relocation is thrilled to have achieved this goal and wants to share it with you, reconfirming our enthusiasm and professional ethics when dealing with immigration services, along with our proactive approach towards any challenging situation.