| Top 3 countries to work abroad

| Top 3 countries to work abroad

Which are the best countries for working abroad? According to a research, conducted by InterNations, based on the answer of more than 75 expats over 65 countries, the best three places to live and work abroad are:

#1 Czech Republic, ranks very well for job security.
#2 New Zealand, offers a shorter working week and a healthy work-life balance.
#3 Bahrain, ranks very well for women

#1 Expats in the Czech Republic are satisfied with their career and the balance between work and private life. They are more likely to take their career into their own hands than in other parts of the world: 7% are self-employed professionals, such as doctors, lawyers, or accountants (global average: 4%), and 8% are freelancers (global average: 5%). Another 8% describe themselves as entrepreneurs or business owners.
Some US Expats say that Cezch Republic “is not a country for workaholics”.

#2 New Zealand is in the top 10 of every subcategory of the Working Abroad Index. Expats are employed in the public sector (14%) or healthcare (15%) . They are satisfied with their standard of life, their work-life balance and  they feel secure about their jobs.

#3 Baharain is a top destination for career oriented expats. Bahrain ranks second in both the Job & Career and work-life balance subcategories and it appears like one of the best choices for women expats.
Expats are satisfied with their job and the future perspectives of their careers.

(source InterNations)

What would be your choice?