The mission of Principal Relocation Company is to effectively offer straightforward, cost-effective and quality controlled relocation and immigration services that will elevate the customer’s experience.

Principal Relocation is the trusted leader in the Relocation and Immigration industry within Italy and Malta, providing services catered to your needs with a history of more than 10 years strong.


Principal, from the Latin Principalis which means “First in Importance”, dedicates its service on each individuals’ customer experience.

The people within Principal are individual professionals that have been expatriates themselves with first-hand knowledge of the challenges a foreigner can face coming into or moving out of Italy and Malta. Principal Relocation Company only employs individuals who have experience in the fields of relocation & immigration and can provide that exceptional customer experience as a foundation of its core values.


Our Team is made up of dedicated professionals who are multi-lingual, knowledgeable and truly understand the dynamics of relocation and immigration procedures. At the center of your customer experience is the Relocation & Immigration Associate who will navigate you through all processes and procedures of your corporate or individual move. Principal also has a team of over one hundred qualified & experienced Local Counselors that live and are familiar of the destination no matter the area within Italy or Malta. The team is extremely proactive and is always looking for the best solution for you. Only when supported by such dedication and commitment you can have a successful customer experience.



Gianluca carefully supervises all the aspects of service delivery within the company to make sure that the team consistently delivers impeccable service. Originally from Rome himself, Gianluca (Luca) understands the challenges of moving as he himself moved abroad and within Italy with his family. Upon finishing his studies in Tourism Management, he moved to the US to further his studies in customer service. Luca has gained extensive experience in the relocation sector having worked in operations regarding relocation & immigration services, managing some of the company’s most prestigious accounts for several years and was promoted to a senior position within the relocation department. Now in his role as Managing Director, Luca continues to build the company on the foundation of superb customer experience blended with a cost-effective approach to meet the demands of the company’s clients in today’s business environment.
Luca is a firm believer in the value of hard work and the desire to excel in one’s work and this is a message that he passionately transmits to his staff on a daily basis. As such, Principal Relocation Company continues to be an excellent partner for Relocation Management Companies to work with.




Erika is our Finance & Immigration Manager in Italy and she also manages the Principal Local Team in Malta for Immigration & Relocation services. She has been working in Global Mobility for over 15 years, acquiring overall expertise in relocation & immigration services. She is fluent in Italian & English. Erika has constantly interacted with all the major international relocation & immigration providers as well as multinational companies as direct clients. She is an expert in the Immigration Law and is able to find the best strategy for international assignments in the frame of corporate business.

She loves her king cavalier and he is considered part of the team in the office.




Patrizia received her BA in Global Studies, International Relations, at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut (USA). She has worked in the relocation arena for more than 10 years both abroad and in Italy in various roles and responsibilities. She is regarded by people that know her as a “people person always eager to listen and assist”. Her continued relocation experience has provided her the unique organizational and professional skill to be a leader to her team, customers and clients. Her heritage and international background has provided her the basis to succeed in all that she dedicates herself to. Her heart has always been split down the middle between to worlds: Sicily & Connecticut.




Stefano was born in Spain and has lived and worked in several countries for over twenty years. He has a background in international business management and has filled various positions within Principal acquiring overall expertise in relocation services.

He is fluent in Italian, English, French and Portuguese. His first-hand experience of having been an expat himself means that he can truly relate to customers, understand and assist with all the challenges resulting from relocating abroad. He has 2 beautiful daughters and has a passion for BBQing!

Principal Relocation Company is a full member of EuRA. The European Relocation Association (EuRA) was launched in Brussels in May 1998, in response to the increasing demand for an industry body. The launch was the result of a year-long international co-operation. To date, EuRA has over 236 members worldwide. EuRA is the Professional Body for the European Relocation Industry and, to this end, is structured in a manner that ensures it can respond to the challenges of a diverse and vibrant market sector.