Frequently Asked Questions


What makes Principal Relocation Company different from other companies?

10 years of experience in the Global Mobility with a great attitude and workforce management makes of Principal Relocation Company a leader in Relocation and Immigration. Our intercultural mentality and our enthusiasm will give a personal touch to every single relocation. Our fully motivated and passionate staff will be happy to navigate each assignment to the best strategy.

Does Principal Relocation Company provide services in all of Italy?

Yes. No matter how remote the new destination, we cover all of Italy with regards to our immigration and relocation services, including the islands of Sicily and Sardinia. All of our Transferees are assisted by local, qualified and experienced local counselors who are very accustomed to working with expatriates relocating to Italy.

How will Principal Relocation Company assist in renting a property?

As soon as the home finding is complete, Principal Relocation will take care of the entire lease negotiation process.

Our team will support customers with the preparation of the lease proposal, draft and review of the final version of the Lease Contract, facilitate the initial payments, the signature and the registration of the contract. Thanks to the expertise and the know-how of the local real estate market, Principal Relocation Company will also support to negotiate any requests with the Owner and the realtor.

Is Principal Relocation Company able to support in getting the deposit back at the end of the tenancy?

Provided that you hand back the property in the state in which it was rented, Principal Relocation Company will usually be able to negotiate your deposit back without any problem. In order to facilitate the return of the deposit, a detailed property assessment and cataloging of contents in the presence of the landlord and tenant upon is carried up upon moving in and out of the property.


Which is the timing to complete the Italian immigration process for a highly qualified employee?

Italy is an EU Country and the Italian Government has implemented the most recent EU regulations related to the circulation of highly specialized workers. Depending on the job positions and the job offer received by the employee, either the Blue Card or the ICT can be followed. Processing time may vary from 45 to 60 day but it is still subject to the destination city.

We are a same-sex couple and we would like to move to Italy. Will our relationship be recognized by the Italian authorities? Is the same valid in Malta?

At present, Italy does not recognize same-sex couples. If your partner is an EU citizen they can come to live and work in Italy without any problem, if on the other hand they are a Non EU citizen, they may only stay in Italy for 90 days at a time in any given six-month period. Same-sex couples have full rights in Malta.

If I am a visa waiver national, can I work in Italy during the timeframe of 90 day in a 6 month period?

Subordinate work is not permitted until a formal work authorization (nulla osta) is issued by the Immigration Authorities. However, business may include some specific activities that could match to the scope of your presence in the Country. Contact us for further information!


How is the real estate market in Malta?

Assignments to the Island growth of about 20% and consequently the Maltese real estate market experienced an incredible increase in the rental pricing in the last years. The market moves very quickly and a property must be secured immediately after the visit.

What are the fees involved in renting a property in Malta?

A refundable security deposit will have to be paid to the landlord and this is normally one or two month’s rent. In addition to this, the first month’s rent will have to be paid to the landlord in advance. The realtor’s commission is one month rent, where this amount will be shared (50/50) between tenant and landlord and is subject to local VAT.

I am a business investor – can I obtain a visa to move to Malta?

The Immigration Authorities in Malta recently developed new procedures and different regulations which increased the number of visas available portfolio of the Island.
Business visas for investors can be obtained if the specific requirements are satisfied. Contact us for further information!