Businesses can benefit greatly from allowing their employees to work remotely. First of all, smart working is a great way to cut costs, such as those related to work spaces and their management (lighting costs, summer and winter climatization, corporate canteen, cleaning). However, when working remotely, the employee might get distracted more easily than if he/she were working in the office. Technology can help us with this problem too.

The Time Management application RescueTime monitors the amount of time we spend on different activities and individual sites, and gives us a complete and detailed picture of how we spend our time, blocking the sites that cause greater distraction. However, working from “home” can cause another phenomenon, that is, never taking a break and just continuing to work ” indefinitely “. For cases like these, applications such as CoffeeBreak may be useful, as they remind us to suspend our work a while, so as to be more productive after a break.

If you want to give a more “scientific nature” to your work breaks, you can also apply the tomato technique, a methodology known since the 1980s that helps increase productivity by dividing complex tasks into simpler tasks of up to 25 minutes, with 5-minute pause intervals. This seems interesting but too complicated? Then try FocusBooster, which keeps track of everything for you.