| Five tips to be motivated at work and in life

| Five tips to be motivated at work and in life

According to a study by the American Psychological Association, published by magazine Inc.com, not everything can be accomplished by willpower alone. The goal of the research is also to give advice so as to ensure that a decrease in motivation does not negatively impact one’s work and/or life in general. Here are five possible suggestions to consider.


Pay attention to sleep quality

Although the ‘seven hours of sleep per night’ rule seems to be the unassailable pillar of everyone’s well-being, experts recommend that you also pay attention to how you sleep. There are precautions that can be taken in order to avoid waking up more tired than when you went to sleep. First of all, reduce the “blue light” which, translated in simple terms, means limiting the hours spent in front of a digital screen or protecting yourself from that specific kind of light with special glasses. We must also pay attention to the REM sleep cycles, which, according to studies, last for 90 minutes.

Give yourself a reward

It is important to get used to good habits This is why we need to give ourselves small rewards each time we put them into practice, so that our brain is convinced that it is right to repeat them. It takes very little: a night out, a bottle of wine, a walk.

Find your tribe

Reaching results by one’s self is very complicated. Humans are gregarious and meant to be with others, so it is better to look for the right people with whom to develop a common project. For those who do business this means: avoid working alone and favour co-working instead; spend a lot of time with your colleagues; try to associate with high level people who can enrich you personally.

Talk to satisfied customers

One of the main ways to lift your spirits is to get in touch with customers who were satisfied with your work and/or service. In some cases, it is good to seek positive opinions that often need to be solicited to be expressed.

Acquire new skills

Whether it is a behavioural and/or professional skill, the important thing is to learn something that can benefit your work and personal growth. Often the success of a company depends on the characteristics of those who manage it. Therefore, better invest in it.