| Christmas markets in Italy

| Christmas markets in Italy

There are so many Christmas markets in Italy. The most famous ones undoubtedly are the Trentino Alto Adige Christmas markets, though every Italian region, every big city and many small towns have their own Christmas markets. Every Christmas Market has its own characteristics, with its oenogastronomic products, artisanal objects and a unique atmosphere, which often reflect the spirit of those who live in the area.

A unique way of visiting the Christmas markets in Italy is choosing a thematic area to follow along the entire route, through the various regions of Our Peninsula.

The oenogastronomic Christmas markets, the Christmas markets organized in Castles, the Christmas markets connected with the local and/or regional crafts, the German Christmas markets, the zero kilometre Christmas markets, or the Christmas markets organized in the FAI areas (the Italian Environment Fund).

For those who love tradition, for those who want to meet Santa Claus, or for those who simply want to do some Christmas shopping, one must jump at the chance to visit these Christmas Markets, which return every year throughout our Peninsula.

While roaming around Italy, it is possible to encounter various rooted Traditions, such as the magical beings that accompany the Christmas holidays, whether they are spiteful spells, benign angels, or the terrible monsters of the Nordic tradition.

Some of the most famous markets can be found in Bolzano, Rovereto, Vipiteno, Bressanone, Trento, Merano, Turin, Florence and Naples.