Creativity and productivity

Creativity and productivity

Anyone who has a business should cultivate a very important habit: creativity.

Just think of how children relate to the world. Children are creative par excellence: they look at things from different points of view, are curious about things they have never done yet and find brilliant solutions behind simplicity. These are the ideal elements for a successful business.

The point is that new problem-solving ideas or keys don’t appear on command, they must be stimulated, cultivated and trained. In other words, even being creative is a question of method.

Here are 3 ideas to succeed:

1) When faced with a problem, do not focus on just one solution, keep your mind open and evaluate also the ones that initially seemed absurd to you. Remember that often the goal of asking questions is not to receive answers, but to foster new mental paths.
2) Take one step at a time: each challenge must be resolved gradually. If you expect resolve all your obstacles in a short time you will only increase your level of frustration and stress, thus blocking your creative process. Learn to break the problem down into many smaller parts … solving at least one will nurture trust in yourself and stimulate you to look for new ideas and solutions.
3) Dedicate yourself to activities that apparently have nothing to do with the identification of new ideas for your business, or with the resolution of a problem. Our brain often finds what it needs in the most unexpected situations: driving, walking, cooking, playing tennis, swimming or walking the dog. Let your thoughts flow freely: creativity will come out when you least expect it!

Creativity is a skill that is necessary to guarantee greater productivity.