Italian emergency phone numbers

Italian emergency phone numbers

Italian emergency telephone numbers may be essential for travelers to Italy. Safety is of the utmost importance.

If, unfortunately, you find yourself in an emergency situation during your Italian stay, here are the national telephone numbers to ask for help. You can dial the numbers from anywhere in the country. They calls are free.

  • 112 – Carabinieri
  • 113 – Emergency Police Help Number (also ambulance and fire)
  • 115 – Fire Department
  • 116 – A.C.I. (Italian Automobile Club) road assistance.
  • 118 – Medical Emergencies
  • 1515 – Forest Fires

The roles of the Carabinieri and the Polizia overlap in Italian society. The Carabinieri have the dual function of national defense and policing. Carabinieri offices are located in many villages across Italy and their numbers are larger than that of the Polizia here in Italy.

It’s important to know that you can dial 112 from anywhere in Europe and an operator will connect you to an emergency service in the country that you’re visiting. Operators can answer your call in their native language.