| Italy: the new ICT Work Permit

| Italy: the new ICT Work Permit

The Italian Parliament, with the publication of the Legislative Decree n. 253/2916, effective as of January 11th, 2017, has issued a new ICT (Intra-Corporate Transfer) Work Permit.

The beneficiaries of the new ICT Work Permit are NON-EU managers, specialists and trainees, who have been working for a company for the past three consecutive months, prior to been transferred to said company, or to a company of the same corporate group in Italy.

The permit allows managers and specialists to work and be residents in Italy for up to three years, whereas trainees for up to one year. Upon the expiration of the maximum ICT period allowed, a new permit can be required three months after leaving the country.

The application process must be filed by the host company in Italy and if all the conditions are proven satisfactory, the Immigration Office will issue the permit within 45 days.

Workers’ family members can obtain a family permit, even if the assignment is for less than one year.

Workers with an ICT permit issued by another EU Member State will be able to work in Italy for the same company, or for a company of the same corporate group, for up to 90 days by just notifying their presence. In order to remain for more than 90 days, they will need to get an ICT Work Permit and ICT Residence Permit, although they will be exonerated from the work visa requirements.

Managers, specialists and trainees with a valid Italian ICT permit will be able, under certain conditions, to temporarily work at an entity of the same group established in another EU Member State.

The worker’s relatives can also apply for family reunification.