Malta airport: a plan for 100 million euros

Malta airport: a plan for 100 million euros

During a press conference, the CEO of Malta Airport, Alan Borg, revealed plans for future expansion: The Terminal Expansion Project.

With an expected 2-3% increase in passengers and a predicted 7 and a half million total movements, the project intends to provide a 5-star service to all travellers and tourists of the Maltese islands.

“This project will give us the opportunity to manage the growing traffic thanks to a greater operational space, a larger supply of shops and restaurants in a well-conceived space, as well as the use of the latest technologies,” said Alan Borg.

The approximately 100-million-euro project will double the terminal area, occupying 31,200 square metres.

It will be much easier for passengers to manage the various stages of their journey, from check-in to security points and, finally, the departure gates.

For the design of the terminal, a call for tender will soon be published for all architects interested in working on the project.

The key points will be to capture the spirit of the Maltese Islands using “typical motifs and materials, colours that evoke the sea and the sky, and light effects that express the warmth of the citizens and of Malta itself“.

Another goal of the project will be to make the structure more eco-sustainable by using the latest technologies to reduce water and electricity consumption, improve its insulation and eliminate carbon emissions.

The expansion also includes the construction of an aircraft ramp area and of a new SkyPark, which will include a hotel – for which there is a tender already underway.

The financial targets for the airport for the current year are 102 million euros in revenue.