| Technology in the future

| Technology in the future

In 2018, technologies will continue to fuel the process of changing the way we work.

The cloud will be among the most important technologies in 2018, as it can unify all the applications originating Hybrid  from all and any other platforms – whether it be enterprise or on-premise, cloud or mobile applications – and distributes them in an organized manner on any device.

The cloud will also be a driving force for mobility, giving individuals the flexibility they need while maintaining the IT’s necessary level of security. Work will be less and less tied to physical spaces and the cloud will not only simplify people’s movements in the space itself, but also within projects, and will allow skills to be easily transferred from one part of the company to another.

The use of voice as a new human-machine interface will be a determining factor for innovation in 2018. Knowing how to use the voice together with artificial intelligence in order to interact with complex data will be one of the great possibilities that the future holds for us. All this will ultimately result in the end of tools such as keyboards and mouse.

The IoT will be perceived as a key player and not as a risk to company security. Concepts such as beacon technologies like Bluetooth, GPS, biometrics, facial recognition and pervasive analytics on the user’s behaviour, will make a decisive contribution to security by ensuring that people access the information they need to access.

Security technologies will be focused on the user and will become more and more able to recognize identity in an automated way, with the help of artificial intelligence and automatic learning.