| The value of choices

| The value of choices

Often, during the course of your life, you find yourself at a crossroad, a particularly significant choice, a multitude of attractive but alternative possibilities among them, an endless series of questions.

Whenever one of these questions arises, there is a feeling of loss due to the amount of different opportunities to choose from, each one with its pros and cons. This is when fear rears its head, and not so much the fear of making a choice but, rather, the fear of choosing badly, hastily, or in an approximate manner. So, how do you overcome this hurdle? By answering those doubts with other well-targeted questions.


Each one of us has lived personal experiences that makes us unique, unrepeatable, complex. Precisely for this reason, you should not decide based on the choices made by others for their lives, even if you find yourself in similar situations or conditions.Ask yourself about your own path and who you are now. Only you can answer this and, to do so, you must learn to take full responsibility for all your choices: it is difficult to accept, but it is absolutely necessary.


In most cases, what creates the most anxiety is not the choice itself but the amount of options to choose from. This means that it is not so much the prospect of change that scares us, as much as the chance of choosing the wrong path, getting lost in the multitude of possibilities we are faced with. You must learn how to put your priorities in order. Only after having identified the cardinal points of your existence can you try and ask yourself “where do I want to go?”. Perhaps you already know the answer.


Even without realizing it, we make choices every day. Precisely: we do not notice it. On a daily basis, we make decisions that, however insignificant in appearance, orient the course of events and influence our lives. Then, all of a sudden, we are faced with one of those choices that blocks us, fills us with insecurities, maybe frightens us or even terrifies us. Why is it that certain choices paralyze us, even if we are so used to making them continuously? Because that is a turning point manifesting itself.What prompts you to question yourself? What prompts you to want to take that road? What attracts you about the choice you would like to make? When answering these questions, be honest, concentrate and clearly elucidate why a certain outcome seems to be the best imaginable to you.


In life there are no risk-free choices. As mentioned earlier, every day is crossed with endless decisions that we often make unconsciously, some automatically, all of which have consequences. But what are the real consequences of a wrong choice? The point of the matter is: never exaggerate the potential consequences of a decision, even if it could prove to be wrong. We live in the perspective of the irreversibility of every choice and opt for not choosing at all, which in itself is also a form of choice, ignoring the fact that we are rarely called to take irreversible paths: time is irreversible, not our actions.