| Six tips to be a good leader

| Six tips to be a good leader

The image of the boss has changed: from authoritarian and absolutist leader to teammate capable of empathy. What are the characteristics of a good leader?

1) Sharing information

Making the collaborators aware of what’s happening in the company is a “loss of power”, but it helps the employees work better. Sharing information is a good habit, same as delegating. Bosses cannot and should not do everything by themselves, because if they did, they would inevitably lose themselves in the details and no longer be able to control the company

2) Celebrating the victories and knowing how to give gratitude

It is a good habit to always recognize the victories and praise those who made them possible. Collaborators need public and private acknowledgments in order to move forward and to alleviate the anxiety that comes with work deadlines. Each task performed and assignment completed often needs a recognition that goes beyond the monthly pay check.

3) Respecting the employees’ time

A good leader understands the value of their own time as well as that of their employees.

4) Taking responsibility

When something goes wrong, the one in command must have the strength to take responsibility. Only mediocre individuals place the blame on others. The managerial role requires control over the team’s work and, consequently, also any eventual bad decisions

5) Being good communicators

The instructions imparted by the boss should never create any doubts in the employees. A true leader must be able to communicate clearly and without ambiguity.

6) Creating new leaders

A true leader is able to inspire, train, and nurture future leaders.