21 August 2017

VAT in Italy

VAT, Value added tax (in Italian IVA), is a consumption tax. The standard rate in Italy is 22%.

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2 August 2017

What’s “Ferragosto” in Italy?

August 15th (and its entire week) is a bank holiday in Italy. If you are visiting major cities like Rome, Milan, Florence, etc, you may wonder why every shop, public and private office are closed: “chiuso per ferie”.

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2 August 2017

Italian emergency phone numbers

Italian emergency telephone numbers may be essential for travelers to Italy. Safety is of the utmost importance.

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2 August 2017

Driving License in Italy

In Italy Category A and B driving licenses are valid for:

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1 August 2017

Italy is burning

This summer has been marked by devastating wildfires across southern Europe, causing both human suffering and immense material and environmental damage.

Swaths of Southern and Central Italy are burning. The flames have been fueled by the region’s drought and high temperatures, although the local authorities say most were caused by arson.

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31 July 2017

In Rome: water emergency and transport delays

Italy is experiencing one of its driest spells in over 60 years, with some parts of the country registering 80% below average rainfalls. Rain shortage, drought and high temperatures are causing a state of emergency also in Rome.

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25 July 2017

Next deadline timesheet for tax fulfilments

Italy is one of European Countries with the highest fiscal pressure. It is placed in fifth position, with total taxation of 43.3% of gross domestic product (GDP), close behind France (45.5%), Belgium (44.8%), Finland (44%) and Austria (43.5%).

Look at the next deadline timesheet for tax fulfilments.

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24 January 2017

Italy: the new ICT Work Permit

The Italian Parliament, with the publication of the Legislative Decree n. 253/2916, effective as of January 11th, 2017, has issued a new ICT (Intra-Corporate Transfer) Work Permit.

The beneficiaries of the new ICT Work Permit are NON-EU managers, specialists and trainees, who have been working for a company for the past three consecutive months, prior to been transferred to said company, or to a company of the same corporate group in Italy.

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29 December 2016

Italian – A Language is Forever!

As Marlene walks past her neighborhood vegetable store she cheerfully asks the owner Mario -“Come Stai”, to which he replies, “Molto bene e tu?”. Marlene answers, “Anch’io molto bene!” as she hurries to catch the metro to go to work.

Being able to communicate in the local language of a new work destination is essential with regards to being able to settle in faster and with more confidence, which ultimately makes an assignment much more successful and the investment more worthwhile.

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13 August 2015

The Power of Positive Beliefs in the Workplace

“It is your vibrational thoughts that give life to the goals you wish for.” – Stephen Richards

I have long believed that the power of a negative staff member can be much more influential that than of a positive one. A complainer and someone who sees the world and life as a negative place can really drag down other staff members – this resulting in lower productivity and a general sense of discontentment.

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