20 October 2017

The public transport system in Rome

Rome is served by an integrated public transport system operated by Atac, Cotral and FS. The system consists of a subways, busses, trams and metropolitan railways.
In the central area of Rome, there are six main exchange stations (Flaminio, Trastevere, Ostiense, Tuscolana, Termini and Tiburtina), operated by FS and Cotral, and integrated with subway, bus and tram services.

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17 October 2017

Apple Pay: how it works in Italy

For those who are relocating to Italy, it’s interesting to know that, on the peninsula, there is the possibility of the pay-as-you-go payment system via iPhone “Apple Pay“.

Apple Pay supports:

  • Unicredict
  • Carrefour Bank
  • Boon (the app that lets you recharge a prepaid bank card)
  • Mediolanum
  • American Express
  • CartaBCC
  • ExprendiaSmart
  • Fineco
  • Hype (Electronic Prepaid)
  • N26 (a start-up from Berlin that offers smartphone banking services)
  • Widiba

Apple Pay turns the iPhone into a credit card. Simply place your phone in proximity of the contactless POS and use the fingerprint reader to be authenticated and make the payment. The service works with iPhone 6 and up, or with Apple Watch.
While online shopping through apps and websites that accept Apple Pay is simple, with the “Touch ID” recognition technology you only have to put your finger on the screen, without filling in registration forms or typing shipping and billing information each time
The system is safe, because card numbers are not stored on the mobile devices or the Apple servers. Each transaction is authorized by a valid dynamic one-time only security code.

11 October 2017

Smart working and distraction

Businesses can benefit greatly from allowing their employees to work remotely. First of all, smart working is a great way to cut costs, such as those related to work spaces and their management (lighting costs, summer and winter climatization, corporate canteen, cleaning). However, when working remotely, the employee might get distracted more easily than if he/she were working in the office. Technology can help us with this problem too.

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9 October 2017

Smart working and Wi-Fi

Thanks to the internet and Wi-Fi networks popping up everywhere, thousands of employees have begun to enjoy the first methods of smart working, a trend that started in the US and is quickly spreading around the world.

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29 September 2017

Coworking: what benefits?

In the last years coworking has taken as an alternative for freelancers to working from home or at their own office. It offers flexibility, networking opportunities, and, for some, productivity benefits.

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26 September 2017

Top 3 countries to work abroad

Which are the best countries for working abroad? According to a research, conducted by InterNations, based on the answer of more than 75 expats over 65 countries, the best three places to live and work abroad are:

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18 September 2017

ICT- Intra Corporate Transfer in Italy

Italy’s Government approved Legislative Decree n. 253 on 29 December 2016, regulating intra-company transfers of non-EU workers. The Decree entered into force on January 11 th 2017, implementing the EU Directive 2014/66/EU and updating the Italian Immigration Law (Testo Unico sull’immigrazione – Legislative Decree n.286 of 1998), with the intention to facilitate the immigration process for work purposes.

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14 September 2017

ICT-Intra Corporate Transfer

The Intra Corporate Transfer Directive (2016/44/EU) is an European Union Directive on the conditions of entry and residence of non- EU nationals within the context of an intra-corporate transfer. The aim is to simplify the workers mobility within the EU.
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11 September 2017

University abroad: Italy

Italy is a beautiful country and there are many important universities where you can study: La Sapienza in Rome, University of Bologna, Sant’Anna and Anormale in Pisa, Politecnico of Turin, Politecnico of Milan, University of Padova, etc..

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6 September 2017

Disabled children and Italian school

Relocation can be a difficult time for employees and their family, changing their habits and behaviors, and it can be even more difficult for families with disabled children. For them the change is stressful.

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